Our Work!

Durham , NC

Scope of Work:

  • Labor and material Framing the ceilings 3/15” 20gauge metal stus 620′-LF 1200′ SF
  • Labor and material Framing-Exterior Intaerior walls 2” in-gauge 14 ft Hide 317′-LF 4,432′ SF
  • Labor and material Framing-Intaerior f 3/58” 10 ft-H stud framing. 326′ LF 3,256′ SF
  • Labor and material Framing-Interior walls 2′ ft-Hogh 3-5/8” stus 20 gauge. 160’LT 314’SF
  • Labor and material Drywall Exterior walls 317’LF 4,432′ SF
  • Labor and material Drywall 3-3/8”Interior walls 5/8” regular . 326’LF 6512’SF
  • Labor and material Drywall Ceilings 5/8” reguler. 620’LF 935’SF
  • Labor only Acoustical ceil;ings 2’*2′ labor only 545’LF 1200’FT
  • Labor and material Paint the walls and ceilins( flat paint) 1808’LF 13079’SF
  • Labor and material paint the ceilings wood and steel Labor 340’LF 6143’ST
  • To clean the 16 collumns In power wash

Modern Energy


Being Green LLC


Inscape Studio

General Contractor

AA Takla Engineering LLC & Kilian Engineering

Approx Contract


Completion date

Aug 2018


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