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Reroofing & Struct Renovations:

2.1 Subcontractor shall perform all work and shall furnish all supervision, labor, materials, scaffolding, tools, equipment, supplies, and all other things necessary for the construction of the work described in Subparagraph 2.2 (the ?Work?) and work incidental thereto, in strict accordance and full compliance with the terms of this Agreement; and the Subcontract Documents, free from all claims of material men, supplies, laborers, truckers, sub-Subcontractors, and others making claims through Subcontractor; and to the satisfaction of Contractor, Architect, Engineers and Owner. 2.1.1. All of the Work shall be performed in accordance with the Subcontract Documents and any addenda and modifications thereto, according to the true intent and meaning of the Subcontract Documents, including all labor, materials, and engineering incident thereto, or as are usually performed or furnished in connection of such work, and regardless of whether the labor or materials hereby subcontracted for are referred to under one or more headings in the specifications, it being the intention of the parties that all work usually performed by the trade(s) covered by this Agreement and required by the Prime Contract shall be performed by the Subcontractor. Should it appear that the Work hereby intended to be done or the material to be furnished, or any of the matters relating to the Work or materials, are not sufficiently detailed or explained on the drawings or in the specifications, Subcontractor shall promptly bring such insufficiency to the Contractor?s attention and request such other or further drawings or specifications as may be necessary 2.2 The Work is: Furnish all supervision, labor, materials, and equipment associated with the Carpentry Work as specified by the Subcontract Documents and as clarified herein: 2.2.1 The Carpentry Work includes but is not necessarily limited to the following: General Administration ? The subcontractor is responsible for all Division 1 requirements associated with their work to include but not limited to: NCDOT Special Provisions, Special Procedures for Historic Treatment and Preservation of Historic Buildings, Archeological & Environmental Damage Prevention, Accident Prevention, Quality Control, Temporary Controls, etc. Measures are expected to be taken by the subcontractor to ensure protection of the historic fabric and components of the building during construction activities. Conduct construction activities to prevent damage to historic components. Unnecessary damage to the historic fabric and components of the building in any way will not be tolerated and will be the responsibility of the subcontractor. Cease operations immediately if structure appears to be in danger, notify Project Superintendent; do not resume operations until directed from the Project Manager. ? The work on this project shall include the preservation of as much of the building?s existing historic fabric as possible and perform all work within the guidelines established and set forth by the National Park Service and the Secretary of The Interior for Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures. National Park Service ?Technical Preservation Briefs, Preservation Tech Notes, Technical Reports, and all other applicable ?Technical Preservation Service guidelines are to be utilized on this project. You can find Briefs, Guidelines, Tech Notes, and allother NPS publications at http: ? The Architect and Progressive Contracting Company, Inc. will monitor the work for quality and accuracy as it progresses and upon completion.Work found to be deficient or inconsistent with the requirements of this offering would be corrected at the Subcontractor?s cost and expense.The Architect?s and PCCI?s review and approval of subcontractor?s work and submittals does not relieve the subcontractor from the requirements of the contract documents. Subcontractor is responsible for site inspections to verify existing conditions and verification of work required by the contract documents at areas where work is to be performed. PCCI will not authorize payment for additional costs associated with subcontractor failing to field verify existing conditions and measurements for take-offs, quantities, etc. ? Subcontractors are to supply a list of sub-tier contractors and suppliers ? this will be required prior to the first application of payment. Lien releases from second-tier subcontractors and material suppliers will be required for all progress payments (templates will be supplied if needed). ? Subcontractors are to supply all their own OSHA compliant equipment, tools, etc. as needed to conduct their work. All workers are to comply with OHSA safety regulations and laws when working on this project to include utilizing safety harnesses when on the roof, staging, scaffolding,ladders, and in man lifts as applicable per OHSA regulation. The Work? Subcontractor is responsible for completing all the Carpentry Work, with exception of rehabilitating the lower roof eave brackets, as detailed and specified by Moffatt & Nichol, Inc.?s plan drawings, specifications, addendums, and clarifications, to include but not limited to the following:? A fully decked scaffolding system has been erected around perimeter of structure for use by subcontractors to conduct their work. Any additional staging, ladders, lifts, etc. required to complete the work under this contract will be the responsibility of the subcontractor. ? As directed and outlined by the contract documents; conduct all the Carpentry work for the P&N Thrift Depot Reroofing & Structural Renovation project, excluding lower eave brackets rehabilitation, in accordance with the contract plan drawings andpecifications dated August 11, 2016 including all addendums and clarifications thereafter. Extent of the Carpentry work consists of but is not limited to: o Replace existing deteriorated and damaged roof eave rafter support beams resting on brackets (up to 119 lf) and recondition all remaining beams in preparation to receive paint finishes by others. Install shoring as needed to replace deteriorated beams. o Replace 11 existing deteriorated and damaged roof rafter tail sections exposed to the exterior and recondition all remaining exposed rafter tails in preparation to receive paint finishes by others. o Replace existing deteriorated and damaged roof hip jack rafter sections as delineated on roof framing repair plan (up to 8 ea) and recondition all remaining exposed jack rafters and hip ridges in preparation to receive paint finishes by others.o Reconstruct six (6) roof vent dormers and furnish and install new metal pre-finished louver vents. o Repair the large bay dormer framing and install new brackets/gable end rafters as detailed on S2.1 and recondition all exposed components of bay dormer in preparation to receive paint finishes by others. o Remove and replace up to 1,906 sf of existing 1″x 9″ roof decking.o Install a new second roof deck system as detailed and specified over the entire roof system, except on bay roof and vent dormers, after all repairs to existing framing and decking is complete. New deck is to include the installation of 2×6 perimeter band blocking, 2×4 sleepers, ISO board, ridge blocking and stringers, and 3/4?plywood. Install temporary poly protection to protect plywood as it is install and maintain until roofer installs roofing underlayment.o All materials and fasteners will be supplied by PCCI. JJCA is responsible for all labor, tool and equipment, and supplies to complete their work under this contract.? It will be the responsibility of the PCCI to receive and store material shipments at the project site, and to verify quantities and condition o shipment. ? Subcontractor is responsible for providing and installing temporary protection at historic fabric and as necessary to avoid damage to existing historic components and finished work. Protect components from damage, which might result from their construction operations. Provide temporary covering and whatever provisions may be necessary to prevent damage to historic materials and the work of other trades. Correct damage by repairing, resurfacing, or replacing affected work as acceptable to PCCI and the Architect. All temporary protection shall be removed at the completion of work. Subcontractor shall coordinate temporary protection with the Project Superintendent and adjacent work.? All tools and equipment are to be cleaned off site or outside away from the building in a manner that will leave no residue or damaging effects on building or to the surrounding grounds. Original or historic fixtures will not be used for any purpose. At substantial completion of work,remove temporary coverings and whatever other provisions were made to protect historic components and other work. ? All debris from construction activities is to be removed from the work areas of the project site and placed in the proper containers by the end of each workday. Areas of demolition shall be broom swept daily. At the conclusion of the project, remove all staging, debris, and rubbish from ? PCCI requests subcontractor?s labor rate sheet be submitted with the signed contract for any future T&M work necessary. Rates shall include:nsurances, Overhead and Profit, all transportation, equipment, tools, etc. Labor rates to be broken down per employee and skill class. Anywork conducted on a T&M basis will require a daily T&M ticket submitted to Project Superintendent. Subcontractor will submit a daily ticket tothe Project Superintendent, indicating quantities installed that day.? Certified payroll reports are required to be submitted with subcontractor monthly pay applications for this project as outlined under NCDOTStandard Special Provisions, Required Contract Provisions Federal-Aid Construction Contracts, specifically item IV Davis Bacon.? Progressive Contracting Co., Inc. requested and received the following unit pricing from subcontractor for each work item as follows: o N/A? Schedule complete sequence of construction by activity, identifying work of separate stages and other logically grouped activities. Submit job
plan / written description of construction procedures to Project Expediter before commencement of work. The Subcontractor shall provide a
sufficient crew of four to eight crew members working on an uninterrupted basis as required to complete the work within the Project Schedule
as indicated by the Project Superintendent. The work is not necessarily intended to run consecutively, but instead may run concurrently as
required by the Project Schedule. Subcontractor is aware that work under this contract may be performed in multiple stages and that if
additional mobilizations are required, the Subcontractor will perform such mobilizations at no extra cost to the Owner or General Contractor.
Subcontractor is to coordinate all of their work with the work of other trades for proper sequencing to avoid construction delays.
2.2.2 Inspection services will be provided by the Owner?s representative and will be scheduled and completed as the work progresses so as not to
delay or impede the Subcontractors work. Work found to be deficient or inconsistent with the requirements of this offering will be corrected at the
Subcontractor?s cost and expense. The Subcontractor must cooperate with the owner?s inspector and PCCI to provide access and maintain the schedule
for item and occurrence of all testing and inspections. The Subcontractor must notify Progressive Contracting Company, Inc. in writing at least one (1)
week in advance when testing and inspections are required. Subcontractor is responsible for coordination of site inspections with both the applicable
government agencies and Progressive Contracting Company, Inc.
2.2.3 Clean up: The Subcontractor shall broom clean all work areas and remove any accumulated trash and debris on a daily basis.
2.2.4 Subcontractor is responsible for site inspections of areas where new work is to be performed, to verify existing conditions.
2.2.5 The Subcontractor shall cooperate with the Contractor in scheduling and performing his Work to avoid conflict of interference with the work of
others. Unless prior written approval is received from the Contractor, a minimum work week shall be five (5), eight (8) hour days. A workweek consisting
of, four (4), ten (10) hour days, will not be permitted.
2.2.6 The Subcontractor shall provide all submittals including, but not necessarily limited to, shop drawings, catalog cuts, samples and record drawings
in accordance with the project schedule. Any costs, whether incurred by this or another Subcontractor, caused by this Subcontractor?s tardy submittal will
be this Subcontractor?s responsibility. Each Subcontractor shall first review each submission, make changes or notations, as necessary to conform to
Subcontract Documents, directly on the drawings, identify such review with this approval stamp, and forward to Progressive Contracting Co, Inc.
Progressive Contracting Co, Inc. will not review any shop drawings not bearing the Subcontractor?s approval stamp, signature and date.
2.2.7 Safety: All Subcontractors are required and expected to work in a safe, professional manner. It is mandatory to wear hard shoes and hard hat on
the jobsite at all times. In the event fines are imposed on the Subcontractor by safety regulation authorities for safety violations due to their negligence, it is
the Subcontractor?s responsibility to pay for the fines imposed on Progressive Contracting Co., Inc. as well as their own fines. If the Project
Superintendent notices a violation or defective equipment, they will immediately notify the Subcontractor or Subcontractor?s supervisor. If corrective
action is not taken immediately by the Subcontractor or Subcontractor?s representative, Progressive Contracting Co., Inc. will correct the violation at the
Subcontractor?s expense. It is not the responsibility of Progressive Contracting Co., Inc. to ensure the Subcontractor?s personnel and equipment meet
MOSH, OSHA or NCOSH requirements. It is further understood and agreed that the Subcontractor shall indemnify and hold the Contractor harmless for
any violations of MOSH, OSHA or NCOSH arising out of the Work carried out by the Subcontractor. If Progressive Contracting Co., Inc. Project
Superintendent or representative notices a violation or defective equipment, as defined by NCOSH or OSHA, the following action will be taken:
1) First, a written warning for each violation. Upon receipt of violation, the Subcontractor or Subcontractor?s representative must take corrective
action immediately. If corrective action is not taken, the corrective measures will be taken by Progressive Contracting Co., Inc. and the costs of such
measures shall be paid by the Subcontractor.
2) Second, the problem(s) must be corrected immediately after receiving the written warning. After a second notification, there will be a fine of
One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) for each violation, which will be assessed to the Subcontractor, payable to Progressive Contracting Co., Inc. If
payment is not received with one (1) week of notice of fine, the payment will be deducted from future invoices.
3) Finally, if the problem(s) persists, the Subcontractor will be asked to leave the job site until such time as all violations have been corrected. If
violations are not corrected within forty-eight hours of the original notice, then the Subcontractor shall be defaulted per Article 10 and Article 11.
2.2.8 Subcontractor is responsible for the conduct and attire of his crew. Dress codes are to be followed at all times, which include work boots,
pants, and shirts. Athletic shoes, cutoffs, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, etc? are not allowed. Any conduct deemed inappropriate will result in that
employee?s immediate dismissal from the jobsite.
2.2.9 Subcontractor is aware that work under this contract may be performed in multiple stages and that if additional mobilizations are required, the
Subcontractor shall perform such mobilizations at no extra cost to the Owner or the General Contractor.
2.2.10 All punch list work and project closeout documentation shall be completed and approved by the Owner and Architect by the ?Date of Final
Completion? which shall be no later than 14 days after the Date of Substantial Completion. Any uncompleted punch list items after this date will be
completed by Progressive Contracting Co, Inc. and back charged to the appropriate Subcontractor or Vendor. Final invoices will not be processed until
final completion of the work certification of same by Progressive Contracting Co, Inc., the Owner and Architect.
2.2.11 Progressive Contracting Co, Inc./Architect/Owner has the right, at no additional expense, to reject any materials brought on site which do not
conform to the drawings and specifications. Any such materials used on site shall be removed and replaced at Subcontractor?s expense.
2.3 In addition to Subcontractor?s obligations under Article 6 hereof, Subcontractor shall provide and pay for insurance premiums for insurance required
to be maintained by Subcontractor by this Agreement and Subcontract Documents; water, heat, utilities, transportation, and other facilities and services
necessary for the proper execution and completion of the Work.
2.4 Unless otherwise provided in the Subcontract Documents, Subcontractor shall pay all sales, consumer, use and other similar taxes which are legally
enacted and applicable to the purchase of materials and to the Work to be done in the performance of the Agreement. The Owner or Contractor shall
secure and pay for the Building Permit. The Subcontractor shall secure and pay for all other permits and governmental fees, licenses and inspections
necessary for the proper execution and completion of the Work.



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