Our Work!

Charlotte , NC

Scope of Work:?

  • (D-1) drywall repair left this section open for the signs to be connected.
  • (D-2) drywall repair from the plumbers
  • (D-3) Drywall repair from the electricians
  • (D-4) drywall repair, Reset the door for a glass door, redid it because the measurements that we got the first-

    time were one inch off.

  • (D-5) rehung the drywall in the finish.

  • (D-6) 2 drywall repair and edit a door to go to the bathroom from the Retail assessors.

  • (D-7)framing around the brick to make a door opening redid the door opening on the customer lounge going
    to the corridor three times because contractors mash the corner bead.

  • (D-8) Drywall repair; electrical lightbox was move.

  • (D-9) Drywall repair; adding pipes for a sin.

  • (D-10) 2 drywall repair.

  • (D19) Drywall repair from the plumbing.

  • (D-20)drywall repair from the plumbing.

  • (D-21) the drywall was cut out too big for the air ducts had to fix the drywall around it.

  • (D-22) drywall repair from the plumbing.

  • D-(23) drywall repair from the plumbing to added a sick close to the break room.

  • (D-24) drywall repair from heating and Air company hit the wall with the scissor lift.

  • (D-25) drywall repair from the plumbing.

  • (D-26) drywall repair from the electrician from a moving an electrical box.

  • (D-27) move the exit panels from the ceiling.

  • (D-28) #9 drywall repair from the lightbox was reset in the ceilings.

  • (D-29)replace the corner bead because the heating and air guys hit it with a scissor lift.

  • (D-30) drywall repair from the plumber edit pipe.

  • (D-31) drywall repair from the tile guys moving material around.

  • (D-32) drywall repair from the plumber.

  • (D-33) frame the door for the glass door to fit.

  • (D-34) framing the wall for the door to fit.

  • (D-35) redo the corner bead from people hitting it.

  • (D-37) framing around the door and installing corner bead and finish drywall.



Wategate Jeep


Winstead Wilkinson Architects PLLC

General Contractor

Build Corp Construction Inc

Approx Contract


Completion date

Apr 2018


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